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This is an ongoing project, so I will be updating and uploading more info as soon I have some news. this was part of my thesis project developed for the MFA Design / Technology program at parsons The New School, in New York, during  mid 2012 and mid 2014. One of the best experiences in my life.

More info: http://mfadt.parsons.edu/2014/project/constitution-project

A relevant discussion in Chile is how the chilean Constitution has conditioned the current socio political situation. Some people considers the Constitution as root of many problems, questioning its origin and legitimacy. In order to know how this text has influenced the quality of the democracy in Chile, it is necessary to create awareness on the contents of the Constitution, its origin, and how it is related to the relevant issues of the social life.
The purpose of my thesis is to design an application prototype to allow people to recognize the contents and origin of the current Chilean Constitution, by means of a visually indexed exploration of its contents. Some questions are present to trigger the interest oth the people based on relevant issues of social interest.
This prototype will serve as a model for a series of applications to be developed for different platforms (web app, tablets, smartphones), and it takes part of a larger vision oriented to improve the access of lay people to this distant perceived document, and to create awareness and to promote participation on civic issues.