art + design ? | santiago, chile

Exoplanets Visualization

I made this small project for a call for  participation made by Anilla Cultural Chile, in the context of the AATS project. The goal was to create a meeting point between art, science and different disciplines. The topic for this project was astronomy, so I decided to make a visualization of the expo-planets discovered till now.  The project was very interesting because we dcreated a dialog about many issues related to the universe. We as artist and designers learned from the astronomers and the astronomer, well, something they would have learned form us I think.

Many thank to Anilla´s team (Alessandra Burotto, Mónica Bate, Christian ¨MC code¨ Oyarzún, Olaf ¨Olaf¨), the super astronomers (Héctor Cánovas, Sebastián Pérez, and others), and to the fellow creators who developed other nice projects for this great experienca (Chaski guys, Sebastián Abrigo, and Marcelo Fonollá)

Till next AATS!