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Crossbreeding Images

Small project about crossbreeding. I explore different ways by using drawing, code of raw images and programming languages to visualize the bytes of specific images.

Sept 2013.

Bytes Croossing.

I tool the byte data from 6 images (2 biological, 2 commercial symbols, and 2 texts), then I created an application to see those bytes converted into colors and how they create a circular patterns. Here the process and the results.

The images: this are the images selected, they are 200x200px gif images.

Michael Jackson and bug images represent the realm of living things.

H. Simpson and Coke represent the realm of commercial interests.

Nicanor Parra’s Poem “Imaginary Man” and The constitution of the U.S. represent the realm of words, desires and social codes, one from art, other from Law.

The Application; With the data, I did a Processing sketch.


This Image above is the representation of a portion of the bytes of each image.


This image above is one of the images, with 2 circles, big one with the bytes of one image, and the small one with bytes of another image.

The idea was to create a kind of flower with the two data bytes.