art + design ? | santiago, chile

3 Interactive Installations

This is a project based in the natural gestures the children and his relationship with the creation focused in drawing. I tried to catch the children´s gestures and his freshing naturality away from excesive conceptualization of the problem. The result was a wooden box containig a multitouch screen that showed the image of the childrens captured with a camera.

They could see their faces and make drawings with his fingers over it, as we do in the mirrors after a bath. Many childrens came to play, and some of them bring their parents to paint over his faces on the screen.

This project was made with the supporting funds of the Cultural Ministry in Chile, and was showed at children´s lecture room at Library of Santiago. Now we are working in the new improvement of the instalations. The programing interface was developed in Processing environment in collaboration with the chilean programer Christian Oyarzún.

Santiago, January – November 2009.