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I Love My DNA (exhibition)

Installation at FundaciĆ³n Telefonica Chile, as a part of TESLA, exhibition produced by Plataforma de Cultura Digital. This project had other activities like conferences, workshops, visual and music concerts. Me and Maria Jose Rios (VyV) made a concert with our sonic and visual project called “01”. The Project “I love my DNA” talked the relation between art, biology and the consciousness of the man as specie. The main goal is giving a perspective about what means to be a human being, from the material and biological basis, to the cultural and social level, that is also a biological structure. You can find the text developed for the catalog here (sorry, just ins spanish ; ) ).

The process started with an blood test of myself, and the obtained data was used to give parameters to a hand image in a screen programmed in “Processing”. Also, this data was translated to an audio file in an speaker mounted on a table. The table was resting over 4 books, that represent the four main areas of the human intelect, showing the cutural development that help us to understand and build our reality: “The Bible”, “Atom, Man, Universe” (Hannes Alfven), “Free Culture” (Lawrence Lessig), “The Origin of Species, by means of natural selecion” (Charles Darwin).

Santiago, Chile, 2008.