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> Drawings

During many years, I`ve been drawing in many papers, books, notebooks, etc. I`ts a kind of personal refuge where I try don`t think, just leaving the pencil move in the paper. I have in my graphic design works the domain for the reason and planification. When I make drawings, the connection between my head (brain) and mi hand don`t have intelectual control or domain. Of course, some times we have an idea about whatwe can draw, but I prefer don`t think a lot about it. Once I read a moebius interview, and he said something like this: “the issue is taking care of the automatism”. This meant to me that we must see the way we draw, the way we think, but don`t interfering in the orcess. well, is something almost imposible,butis a great way to understand what happen in our mind.

Santiago, 2009.